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Restore completely the corrupt MDB files using MS Access 2003 Recovery Software

MS Access 2003 is a simple relational database management program designed by Microsoft Inc. Both individuals and business organizations use MS Access 2003 program for storage of vital data. MS access 2003 stores the user data in MDB files. There are some similarities between MS Access and MS Excel programs. Both programs keep the user data in table structure. However, MS excel is not database management program and also differs completely with MS access in navigation tools. Access 2003 database is constituted with different objects like table, field, index, macro, date, auto number, form and unique key. There are many factors that damage the Access 2003 databases either partly or severely.

Virus and spyware codes, improper system shutdown and physical damage in system hard disk are some of the factors that may damage MDB files in your system.

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You could try to decompile the corrupt access 2003 database by entering following command in the run dialog box of Window start menu:

MSAccess.exe “Drive name:\pathname\filename.mdb” /decompile

After decompiling the corrupt MDB files using the above command, press shift key and open the MSAccess.exe file. When MSAccess.exe file is opened, press ctrl G command to start the Access programming window. You can compile the decompiled repair access database from the debug menu of the access programming window. The next step is compacting the MDB using repair and compact database tool of Access program. If MDB file still displays error messages even after the inbuilt recovery tool, then use a third party software to fix the errors.

MS Access 2003 Recovery Software is a smart utility that expediently retrieves entire data from the corrupt MDB files. The software uses advanced algorithms to retrieve all items from the corrupt Access database files. MS Access 2003 recovery program recovers tables, indexes, date format, characters, fields, memo data and queries from the damaged MDB file and saves in new access 2003 database file. It also successfully extracts objects from the password protected MDB files. MS access 2003 recovery utility display a preview list of all recovered database files. User can save some or entire databases from the preview list generated by the software. MS Access 2003 recovery tool supports recovery of database files created with different versions of Microsoft Access program. It also runs on different versions of MS window such as Window 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95

Evaluation Version Available:

MS Access 2003 Recovery Software is available in trial version to all users. The trial package successfully retrieves data from both password protected and non-protected MDB files. User can see preview of all access databases recovered by the trial program. However, permission to save the repaired databases is not available in evaluation package. You shall get the file saving permission only in the full version of MS access 2003 recovery program.

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  • Visual Basic for Applications Project in this database is corrupt
  • The database is in an unexpected state
  • Unrecognized Database Format
  • The database ... needs to be repaired or isn't a database file
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